NYT Spelling Bee Stats 2018 – 2024 | SB Hinter

Since its debut on May 9, 2018, the New York Times Spelling Bee has run 2,242 regular daily puzzles. Here are a few statistics covering that span.

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lone letter
no 4 letters

Unlocking the Power of Words: A Deep Dive into Spelling Bee Hinter’s Statistics.

Hey there, my fellow word wizards! I see you’re on your way to spelling greatness, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Welcome to our Stats Page – the control center where we monitor the pulse of the Spelling Bee universe. Ready for an exciting tour of our word metrics? Let’s dive in!

NYT Spelling Bee Stat's

Scaling the Word Count Mountain:

Are you curious to know how daunting the tallest word count mountain is? Or the smallest hill? Our speller’s journey has seen highs and lows, and we’ve captured it all. From spellers who cracked the highest number of words to those who sealed the deal with the least, you’ll find captivating tales of strategy and precision.

Power of Points:

Are you wondering about the points? From the highest-scoring triumphs to the nail-biting finishes at the lower end, our point total metric covers an exciting range. Explore how the experts navigated through the stormy seas of spelling challenges, using their wealth of words to rack up points.

Pangrams, Compounds, and Plurals:

Pangrams, compounds, plurals – the mosaic of language has marvels for all! What’s been the most popular type over the journey? Dive in to find out. Remember, every word type has its charm, and understanding them can prove to be quite the ace up your sleeve in your spelling voyage.

The Mighty Word Stats:

Longest, most frequent – sounds intriguing? Our word stats corner shines a light on some of the most interesting aspects of the spelling bee. If you’ve ever questioned the length of the longest word spelled or wondered what word pops up the most, we’ve got the answers lined up for you!